Cairo Minus the Tear Gas

Still in Cairo… last night went to the Khan el-Khalili bazaar and then today saw the Pyramids, Sphinx, and a pharonic boat (which was actually surprisingly interesting), rode a camel and… went to the Egyptian Museum. The museum is where all of King Tut’s treasures, the royal mummies and many (MANY) statues are stored, so it’s a key part of an Egypt visit. But there was some question about whether we would make it there, because it is a stone’s throw from Tahrir Square, where the protests are going on. It was checked out before our visit and since all was calm, we were able to go. Still, it was a little daunting that hovering over the museum’s courtyard are the remains of the former Democratic party’s building that burned for several days during the revolution, like a little charred reminder of what has been going on.
I should mention that I am here on a tour, which I never, ever do, but with all the turmoil I thought it wise (and comforting) to have someone else be responsible for my safety.

The pyramids were great, and it was nice to go at a time when I could actually enjoy them (last time I was here in August when it was insanely and oppressively hot). Plus the cloudy weather made for some great photos.

Tonight we take an overnight train down to Aswan (good timing since the elections start in Cairo tomorrow and things may get testy), so despite whatever risks there may have been in coming here, I am leaving unscathed. So, yay.

Pictures follow…