Dark cloud

This weekend I went up to the Northern part of Ethiopia, specifically the town of Lalibela. It was one of the parts of the trip I was looking forward to most, and it didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, though, when I returned to “home” to the orphanage, I found that my money for Tanzania and Kenya had disappeared from the cabinet I had locked it in while I was away. It wasn’t one of the kids… if it had been I could almost accept the loss given their backgrounds.  But there are several floors to the building and the volunteers stay on the top one, where the kids never go.  So it was either one of the staff or one of the volunteers, but most likely one of the staff as the cabinet was still locked, but sans-money, when I returned. In any case, I’m no longer feeling all that up to writing about Lalibela or the remaining time I’ve been volunteering, so sorry for the brief entry.

Tomorrow I fly to Zanzibar, so it’s unfortunate end to my time in Ethiopia, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth after an otherwise great experience.  Now I get to figure out how to make it through the rest of my trip with much less cash than I had planned on, as essentially 2/3 of my budget is now gone.

Anyway, here are some photos of Lalibela and more from volunteering: