Days 1-2

Hello! I only have 20 minutes so forgive typos, I’m typing fast.

London was great, just as I expected. I actually ended up having more time than I thought as the flight arrived early. So I went to the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the National Gallery, plus on a bus tour of the city– which was very wet since I sat in the open top area and it was raining 🙂 In the National Gallery I got to see a painting I remember learning about in school, apparently on one of the days I actually went to class. It was by an artist named Van Eyck and I remember it because it looks like a photo.

Anyway, on to Uganda. I managed to sleep most of the flight (it was dark anyway) and got to Entebbe about 5:30 AM. In baggage claim I was talking to another girl who ended up being a volunteer for the same place I am… small world.

Uganda is great– it’s very colorful. The hills are all bright green and the ground is all brick red. The ride from the airport gave me my first view, and the road was full of people, including those with the picturesque baskets on their heads, and kids walking (and hitchiking) to school.

We got to Ndejje Village and visited the offices of the program and then went to the house we’ll be staying at. It’s really nice, we even have cement rooms complete with beds and windows. I’m sharing a room with Jennifer, who I’d met at the airport. She seems a little… naive. She arrived with high heeled leather boots and a nice Gap outfit. Oh well 🙂 She’s nice though.

The man we’re staying with, Reverend Jim, has 5 natural kids and has adopted 20 others, so the house is VERY busy. One of the boys, Grace, is 3 and was adopted 2 years ago after being found on the side of the road beaten and abandoned. He’s adorable and has huge dimples and loves to kiss you on the cheek. There are also about 8 other volunteers, from England, Australia and Holland. They’re all very nice. Some young, some older.

Anyway, that’s about it so far. I’m in Kampala at the moment and this afternoon I’m going to visit my first sponsored kid, Diana, who is HIV positive and sponsored through CCF. Hopefully I’ll get back online soon to let everyone know how it went.