Fond Farewell

Fond Farewell

I’m in Kigali now and in a few hours will be off to Egypt (by way of Nairobi and Addis– I don’t get there until Saturday!)
Rwanda has been fantastic. It is definitely in my top 5 of places I’ve been, and I’ve been to some amazing places so that’s saying something. The people have been fantastic, the scenery is incredible, and it has just been a great trip all around.

It was sad to say goodbye to the kids of course, particularly John, and to the other volunteers– always the Catch-22 of these type of trips. But I will definitely make it a point to return to Noel again. Like most things in Africa (or anywhere really) it isn’t perfect, but the orphanage accomplishes a ton for these kids with very few resources. Unlike most of the kids in this part of the world, the 600 kids Noel cares for are guaranteed shelter, 3 meals a day, and an education. It is pretty amazing.

They can always use help, however, and if you’re interested you can contribute through the Point Foundation, a UK charity.

And now off to Cairo… I’ve been reading about the protests but from what I’m hearing they are confined to Tahrir Square, and the rest of the city is business as usual. So as long as I avoid that area, things should be fine. Cross your fingers for me!

More pictures from the orphanage below…